If you really want to relax on your holidays, let your soul stroll through the Nightingale Valley.

In the old village Valeondades some houses are beautifully restored. Each house has two apartments.
The location of the village in the Nightingale Valley is superb : one has a wonderful view over the interior, especially unto the mountain-village Manolates and mount Lazarus (1100 m.).
The apartments lie in the middle of nature and the only sounds you hear are the running of the river, the nightingale in springtime and the chirping of the crickets in summer.
Samos, the greenest Aegean Island, is also reachable from Athens.
Optional by aeroplane or ferry boat.

On the island Samos there exists an old settlement, also documented by the West-German Television (WDR) Formerly it was known as "Hotel Aidonokastro".
Nowadays it is called . "Valeondades-Houses".
Located in Nightingalevaley the apartments are situated very quiet.
Samos, the greenest Aegean Island, is also reachable from Athen.
Optional by Aeroplane oder ferry boat.

Companies that always pleased me:

In Vourliotes:
Stamatis Karatzas' Taverne Pera Vrisi

In Kokkari:
Marina's Restaurant
Kostas Trovas' Memory Car and Motorbike rental

In Mili:
the pottery Fidias

In Agios Konstantinos:
Stathis' Bar-Cafe "North Star"

and generally:

the good food, drinks, being on holiday, shooting fotos, beaches, sun, the nice people
for our Dutch fiends: Peter and Marloes' website
by the way: Valeondates is pronounced in different ways: Valeontates, Valeondades, Valeontades.

Samos, the greenest Aegean island

lots of beaches, hills, valleys, creeks and woods.
Four houses, that are more than two hundred years old.
This place called Valeondates is located in the nightingale valey, within a natural protected arear.
The houses are restored in an historically justified way under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.
People who love to spend their holidays in the middle of nature but only two steps away from everything a tourist wants may rent these houses or parts of it.
In springtime you really can hear the nightingales that give the valley its name.

The first beach of a number of nice pebble beaches is only two kilometers away.
Less then a kilometer lies a village called Agios Konstantinos where you can find several supermarkets.
Vegetables come directly from the islands gardens.
Tomatoes taste like they should taste : delicious!
There may be days in which you don't like to have your meal in a taverna : in your own apartment you find everything you need to make a nice meal.
You can eat it on your own terrace and enjoy the view over the valey.
Each house has two independent apartments that lie one above the other.
Each has its own terrace or balcony.
In these appartements you will find two or more beds, shower, toilet and kitchen with oven.
The houses have fresh spring water, solar boilers and of course electrical power.

The two main ports are at a distance of 15 and 20 kilometers and the airport is 27 kilometers away.
There are four flights daily to Athens by Olympic Airways (45 minutes flight) and in the tourist season there are direct flights with all the countries of Europe.
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